Multiple Sclerosis

I am passionate to have been collaborating with the MS Society for the last 4 years providing psycho educational programs, Newly Diagnosed 8 Week groups and being a contracted Therapist.

As you may know, MS affects each person differently so understanding the basics about MS is just the first step in learning how to live your life well with your MS.

Whether you have a confirmed diagnosis of MS or are still waiting to find out what your diagnosis might be, you can read about the challenges and opportunities related to each of the different courses and stages of MS from the National MS Society’s website at:

Throughout my career, I have worked with persons being diagnosed and overcoming many physical and emotional chronic illness. Some may think that if you have one or the other, they may be not affect the other. However, in all of my research and trainings, I have come to see that they overlap since the mind, and body influence one another on a cellular level. Literature now shows the powerful link that stress can lead to a higher incidence of relapses as well as triggering symptoms to increase. Stress is unavoidable in our daily lives, but the better we can manage it well, might transform our life. There are so many techniques to explore to tame that lion to be a pussycat! Making stress our friend instead of our enemy is just one way to put things in perspective and BREATHE.

I feel very strongly that being diagnosed with a chronic illness can take a toll on us emotionally and that seeking someone to talk with and process these normal feelings can put us on the right track to being open to new challenges and lifestyle changes. Being open and willing to look at our own choices in how to mentally prepare for improving our lives is a powerful way to move through adverse times in our lives. I encourage each and every one of you be it YOU as the diagnosed person or YOU as a family member to consider seeking support from a professional individually or as a family to learn strategies to cope and grow.

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